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Theatre  Three  Company  &  A  Christmas  Carol

Seeking Performers for THEATRE THREE's Company Positions
(2021-22 season)

Looking for three non-Equity actors-singers for THEATRE THREE's Company positions for the 2021-22 season.

The Company contract is a ten-month (September - June) agreement in which the actors work exclusively for THEATRE THREE.  Company members may have non-theatre related work that does not interfere with rehearsals and performances.

Actors will be featured in THEATRE THREE's six in-house Children’s Theatre productions, the 37th annual production of A Christmas Carol, and select roles in THEATRE THREE's Educational Touring productions (the musicals Stand Up! Stand Out! The Bullying Project and Class Dismissed: The Bullying Project; as well as the play From the Fires: Voices of the Holocaust). Additionally, there will be participation in the workshopping of a new touring production, How Does That Make You Feel?

Children’s Theatre roles in the original musicals A Kooky Spooky Halloween, Barnaby Saves Christmas, Puss-in-Boots, Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz, The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, and Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs will be assigned throughout the season.

Most roles require performers who appear late teens to late 20’s.

Salary is $340/week, with a completion bonus of $1,000. There are opportunities for Mainstage roles for additional compensation. These are non-Union positions.

THEATRE THREE encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages to submit.

Please Note: THEATRE THREE requires all staff—including performers—to be fully vaccinated.

Auditions. Prepare a song of your choice (bring sheet music in the proper key; accompanist provided). Reading will be from sides provided.  Positions will be auditioned until filled.


Please contact Executive Artistic Director Jeffrey Sanzel at 631-928-9202 or email for further information or to schedule an appointment.


Role Breakdown for Educational Touring Programs and A Christmas Carol:

Stand Up! Stand Out! The Bullying Project

Using famous children’s stories (Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Three Little Pigs, and The Wizard of Oz), the musical teaches lessons in identifying and dealing with bullying.

Olivia (any gender) - the most popular student in school

Peg (any gender) - well-liked and finding her own voice

Nellie (any gender) - new student trying to get along

Tyler & Jayden (any gender) – class members


Class Dismissed: The Bullying Project

The musical follows a year at Harrison Central School, with a focus on social interactions and a range of bullying, including physical, isolation, and cyber bullying.


Logan (female-identifying) - queen bee of Harrison Central School

Kaitlin (female-identifying) Logan’s sometimes best friend

Julie (female-identifying) - new student at Harrison Central School, trying to find a place

Victor (male-identifying) - popular bully with a rough home life

Tommy (male-identifying) - an outsider trying to survive


From the Fires: Voices of the Holocaust

Spanning 1937 to 1945, this is the story of Rachel Gold, a Berlin teenager, and her experiences as a Jewish person during one of the darkest episodes in world history.

Rachel (female-identifying) - a Jewish teenager in Berlin and the center of the story

Evy (female-identifying) - a Jewish teenager and Rachel’s best friend

The American Soldier (male-identifying) & various roles – the play is seen through the eyes of the American Soldier; other roles include a non-Jewish shopworker, various guards, etc.

A Christmas Carol

THEATRE THREE’s award-winning production is an original adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic story.

Belle and others (female-identifying) - Young Scrooge’s fiancé as well as a range of supporting roles

The Ghost of Christmas Past/Fred's wife (female-identifying) - the first spirit to visit Scrooge; Scrooge’s nephew’s wife, as well as a range of supporting roles

Fred (male-identifying) - Scrooge’s boisterous and kind nephew as well as a range of supporting roles

THEATRE THREE announces AUDITIONS for our 37th annual production of

Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at 7 pm

Performances: November 10 – December 26, 2021

We will be double-casting nine roles (for a total of eighteen young people). Readings are provided [download them here]. A Christmas carol (“Christmas Is Coming”) will be taught. Rehearsals begin late September and are weeknights (beginning at 7 p.m.); Saturdays (mornings or afternoons); and Sundays (mornings, afternoons, or evenings). Each young person must appear in half of the performances, including the student matinees.

Director: Jeffrey Sanzel
Musical Director: Brad Frey
Stage Manager: Melissa Troxler


Wednesday   November 10 10:30 am
Friday   November 12 10:30 am
Saturday   November 13   7:00 pm
Sunday   November 14   3:00 pm
Tuesday   November 16 10:30 am
Wednesday   November 17 10:30 am
Thursday   NOVEMBER 18 10:30 am
Friday   November 19   7:00 pm
Thursday   NOVEMBER 18 10:30 am
Saturday   November 20   7:00 pm
Sunday   November 21   3:00 pm
Monday   NOVEMBER 22 10:30 am
Tuesday   November 23 10:30 am
Friday   NOVEMBER 26 10:30 am
Friday   NOVEMBER 26   7:00 pm
Saturday   NOVEMBER 27   7:00 pm
Sunday   November 28   3:00 pm
Tuesday   NOVEMBER 30 10:30 am
Wednesday   December 1    10:30 am
Thursday   December 2    10:30 am
Friday   December 3    10:30 am
Friday   December 3      7:00 pm
Saturday   December 4      3:00 pm
Saturday   December 4      7:00 pm
Sunday   December 5      3:00 pm
Sunday   December 5      7:00 pm
Tuesday   December 7    10:30 am
Wednesday   December 8    10:30 am
Wednesday   December 8      2:00 Pm
Thursday   December 9    10:30 am
Friday   December 10  10:30 am
Friday   December 10    7:00 pm
Saturday   December 11    3:00 pm
Saturday   December 11    7:00 pm
Sunday   December 12    3:00 pm
Sunday   December 12    7:00 pm
Tuesday   December 14  10:30 am
Wednesday   December 15  10:30 am
Thursday   December 16  10:30 am
Thursday   December 16    7:00 pm
Friday   December 17  10:30 am
Friday   December 17    7:00 pm
Saturday   December 18    3:00 pm
Saturday   December 18    7:00 pm
Sunday   December 19    3:00 pm
Sunday   December 19    7:00 pm
Tuesday   December 21  10:30 pm
Wednesday   December 22  10:30 pm
Wednesday   December 22    7:00 pm
Thursday   December 23    3:00 pm
Thursday   December 23    7:00 pm
Friday   December 24    3:00 pm
Sunday   December 26    3:00 pm
Sunday   December 26    7:00 pm